James Scott

4 minute read

The Move From Wordpress to Hugo This was a long time coming. As mentioned in my previous post, I used Wordpress as my blogging platform. My hosting service was up for renewal, I decided against that and moved to DigitalOcean. I decided to deploy Dokku (more on that in another post) so that I could manage multiple apps easily. One of those apps is my blog which I decided it will use Hugo to generate my website from markdown.

James Scott

3 minute read

New Blog, New Server My Wordpress blog is long gone! Hello, Hugo! This post is the beginning. This will be one part of the series that describe my new deployment onto DigitalOcean. Still working out some kinks but rather document what I have while it’s still fresh. Back Story Previous to using DigitalOcean, I used InMotion Hosting. In particular, I used their Power Plan. The plan was just a shared hosting plan with a bunch one-click apps.