James Scott

2 minute read

It has been while with GDEC and I found many different problems with it. That has led me to think about how to do the next GDEC revision. Right now, my current pains are: Getting the GUI setup for Windows seems impossible using the current technologies. Code is isolated between container and host (biggest pain). Lack of documentation on how to incorporate it in one’s workflow. However, there are some new things I will try in the next iteration.

James Scott

1 minute read

This post is to announce the release of GDEC: the Golang Development Environment Container. Currently, it sets up a Docker container with Visual Studio Code and a Go extension. The capabilities of the Go extension are what initial drew me to even use Visual Studio Code. The visual debugger reminds me of the days I used Visual Studio for C++ debugging. However, I already had my vim-go setup (although it is outdated, and there are more awesome features available now).

James Scott

5 minute read

The Golang Challenges are a series of monthly Go challenges organized by JoshSoftware Pvt. Ltd. I always read about the challenges but never participated. The October Golang Challenge (aka the 7th challenge) was released. With my background in Android, I was really intrigued to see how easy / hard it would be so I decided to jump into the rabbit hole. This post details that journey including design decisions (a layer system to easily add visual objects), gotchas (screen orientation problems), other interesting parts (generating sound).